Realtime Updates

Feature flags immediately update in your application when you make changes. Your users will have the latest feature flags without needing to refresh the website or restart the app.


Instant updates

Feature flags update immediately for all of your users and all of your applications. You will never wait on changes.

Updates without reloading

Your website or app gets changes immediately, even if it is already open. No refreshing or reloading required.

Reduce your risk

If something goes wrong, instantly disable or modify a feature to reduce the impact to your users.

Instant Kill Switch

Instantly disable a feature when something goes wrong.

If you notice a problem with a feature, you can disable it while you work on fixing it. With Realtime Updates, the feature gets disabled immediately for all of your users. They don't even have to refresh the website or reload the app.

Using feature flags with Realtime Updates reduces your risk as you can instantly disable a misbehaving feature and immediately limit the impact to your users.


Instant Updates

New feature flags and modifications to existing feature flags are immediately available. No waiting required.

You don't need to wait, refresh your website, or reload your app to see changes to feature flags. All updates are immediately available across all of your users and all of your applications.

With Realtime Updates, your feature flags remain consistent. All users gets the same experience. Feature flags used in multiple applications always have the same value.


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