Feature Flags

Supercharge your development process with feature flags. Deploy when it's convenient and release features when you're ready. Reduce your risk by knowing you can instantly disable a feature with a few clicks.

There are several ways to use Feature Flags in your development process.

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Easy to setup

Integrate into your app with just a few lines of code. It only takes a few minutes to get started using AppFlags.

Realtime Updates

Feature flags instantly update when you make changes. Your users don't need to refresh or reload the app.


Client-side SDKs and Server-side SDKs are available. Use the same feature flags across multiple applications.


There are many ways to use feature flags in your development process.

Deploy anytime

Decouple deployments from releases. Deploy a feature disabled and release it later.

Kill switch

Instantly disable a feature if something goes wrong.

Partial rollouts

Gradually release a feature by enabling it for a segment of your users.

Remote configuration

Configure your app by including data in your feature flag.

Test in production

Enable a feature just for yourself, so you can test in production.

Multiple environments

Manage feature flags separately in each of your environments.

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