Close to Your Users

AppFlags runs in over 300 locations around the world so we are close to your users no matter where they are.

Your users are always close to an AppFlags edge data center. As a result, our client-side SDKs load feature flags in about 100ms, which is fast enough to be imperceptible to your users.


Auto-Scaling Delivery Network

AppFlags is built to handle sites of any size, anywhere in the world.

Our feature flag delivery infrastructure runs in a serverless environment in edge data centers around the world. It can instantly scale up to handle any amount of traffic from your sites or apps.


Server-side SDKs Compute Locally

AppFlags server-side SDKs compute feature flags locally for instant results.

When using the AppFlags server-side SDKs, your feature flag configuration is downloaded to your server and feature flags are computed locally rather than in the cloud. This results in no performance impact in server applications.


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