Built for your development process.

Ship faster with less risk

Decouple your deployments from feature releases to ship faster. Quickly disable a feature after it's deployed.

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No performance impact

Our Client-side and Server-side SDKs are architected to have no performance impact to your application.

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Works with your team

Feature Flags work best when used with your team. AppFlags has unlimited seats for no additional cost on all plans.

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improve your process

The many uses of feature flags

Supercharge your development process with feature flags. Deploy when it's convenient and release features when you're ready. Reduce your risk by knowing you can instantly disable a feature with a few clicks.

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Deploy anytime
Release when you want
Kill switch for emergencies
Gradual rollouts
Remote configuration
Realtime updates
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We scale with you

Built for apps of any size

AppFlags is architected for speed and reliability. With 300+ data centers around the world, feature flags are computed as close to your users as possible. Our serverless infrastructure instantly scales to handle apps of any size.

Server-side SDKs compute feature flags locally for no performance impact.

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