Learn more about all the features and benefits of AppFlags.

Reasons to use feature flags

Feature flags allow you to release faster and with more confidence. By utilizing feature flags, you can instantly enable or disable features at any time, without modifying code or deploying your app.

Release anytime

Deploy code when it’s convenient and enable it when you’re ready to release.

Partial rollouts

Enable features for a percentage of your users.

Kill switch

Instantly disable a feature if something goes wrong.

Test in production

Manually enable a feature for just yourself, so you can test it without releasing it.

Configure your app

Include a data payload in your feature flag to remotely configure your application.

Enable per environment

Configure feature flags differently in different environments.

No Performance Impact To Your App

Our infrastructure is global and superfast, so using AppFlags won’t impact your app’s load time. Also, changes to your feature flags will instantly update your app with no reload required.

No impact to load times

AppFlags initializes in less than 100ms, so it won’t delay your app from quickly loading.

Instant updates

Changes to your feature flags immediately update in your app, in less than 1 second.

No reload required

Subscribe to feature flag changes to let your app update without the user reloading.

Global infrastructure

AppFlags loads fast and reliably no matter where your users are located.

Built on Cloudflare

We run on Cloudflare’s global edge network, so you can trust us to be reliable.

We support your team

AppFlags has the tools that your team needs to successfully use feature flags.

Audit log

Keep track of all changes to your feature flags and everything else in your account.

Unlimited team members

Add team members to your account at no additional cost. Available on all plans.

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